About Us

We make stylish handmade birthday crowns and dress ups, designed and made in Tasmania.

I'm Liz,

Creator of stylish birthday crowns and dress ups for kids. I make it easy for parents to add something special into their child's next ; birthday party, cake smash photo shoot, book week parade or dress-up box . 

I pride myself on creating high quality handmade products which can be used again and again, look great, and allow children to get lost in a world of make believe.

I particularly love creating products for BOYS. Having two boys myself, I love being able to offer mums of boys something fun; like a big bad wolf costume to wear for a school dress-up day or a special glitter crown for a first birthday.

My son actually created my store name Schooza (pronounced s-koo-za) when he was about 3. He was racing around the room, jumping up onto his bed laughing, when asked what he was up to his reply was 'I'm schoozing'. I have embraced his fun filled childhood play in my products.

It really makes my day to have such fabulous customers and to hear that they really love the product I have created for them;

'So happy with my daughter's crown. Liz went beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Much thanks!!' Alesha

'I absolutely love this crown! It is so well made and fits perfectly on his big head! I love that it has elastic at the back so that it can grow a bit with him and sits so snugly that he didn't try to pull it off! Thanks for a great product!' Krystal

There always seems to be something new to create, I look forward to sharing these with you.

Please contact us!

If there is a particular product you are after feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do


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