Easter without the Sugar High: 20 Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and with it comes the traditional Easter Egg Hunt!

While just about every kid I know LOVES hunting for chocolate, today we have put together a few non chocolate easter gift ideas for reducing the sugar high. These ideas are great for all those mammas of young kids who haven't discovered chocolate and lollies yet (and you're trying to hold off as longas your can!), or those that just want to avoid the melted chocolate mess (that comes with dealing with chocolate in April & living in Australia!). And the growing number of kids who have allergies and dietary needs that require some fun alternatives other than chocolate and lollies to hunt for. 

Grab yourself our Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable and attach the cards to some of these fun small items to make some fun non chocolate easter gift ideas to hunt for instead of the chocolate.

Non chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids easter hunt

Fill your Easter hunt with fun, gorgeous things, and support Australian Small business at the same time with these great non chocolate gift ideas;

Easter Bunny Baskets - We Might be Tiny

Easter Bilby - Bandicute

Hot Cross Bun Bow - Meow Mammas

Easter Temporary Tattoos - Favor Lane Party

Honeycomb Decorations - Poppies for Grace


Non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids

Easter Colouring Set - The Custom Collection

Easter Scrunchies - Top Knot Girl

Bunny Bath Bomb/Shower  - Allure Natural

Bunny Bubble Wand - Baby Vegas

Non Food Easter Hunt Ideas

Playdough  - Ready Set Dough

Easter Name Tags  - Create by Layered

Easter Bookmarks - Barley Boy Creative

Easter Jigsaw Puzzle - Fm Creations



Easter Tokens - Mad Hatter Designs

Easter Wheat Pack - A Sack of Wheat

Easter Bilby Shirt - Kippley

Easter tic tac toe - The Humble Gift Co


I hope we have given you some fun ideas to make a non-chocolate Easter hunt just as fun and exciting as a traditional chocolate one. By including some small items that support small Australian businesses, you can make this year's Easter egg hunt even more meaningful too.

Some more general ideas for items you may like to include in your non-chocolate Easter hunt could be :

  • Stickers/Stamps
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Finger puppets
  • Playdough /Slime
  • Matchbox cars/Diggers
  • Felt/Pretend Food
  • Hair accessories; bunny ears, clips, hairbands or scrunchies
  • Small books or notebooks
  • Bubble wands or mini-bottles of bubbles
  • Glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark toys
  • Little wind up toys
  • Animals or dinosaur figures/keychains
  • Socks with cute patterns
  • Packs of crayons or fun pens/pencils
  • Small bath toys
  • Woven bracelet or necklace
  • Activity books/colouring in pages
  • Mini torch
  • Fidget toys
  • Themed Foil balloon

From hair accessories to bath bombs, there are so many possibilities you can include when it comes to non-chocolate Easter hunt ideas. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy this special time with your loved ones.