Easter without the Sugar High: 20 Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

As Easter approaches, the excitement of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt fills the air!

While chocolate bunnies and sugary treats are often part of this holiday, many of us are increasingly seeking alternatives to the traditional sugar rush that comes with Easter festivities, especially for young children.

If you have young kids who haven't discovered chocolate/lollies yet (and you're trying to hold off as long as you can!) Or you have kids with allergies and need some ideas for Easter egg hunting that don't involve chocolate and sweets? 

We've put together this list of amazing non-chocolate Easter gift ideas, with all the products included from Australian small businesses. So, you can put together your Easter gifts without the chocolate and support Aussie small business too!

Non Chocolate Easter Hunt Ideas  text with photos of easter basket ideas, wooden bunny figures and bunny shaped wooden activity idea tiles

Easter in the Australian heat can turn Easter egg hunting into a bit of a melted chocolate mess! But how do you put together an Easter Egg Hunt without the chocolate? 

Use egg shaped containers to put smaller gifts in, or lead the way to a larger basket of gifts with some bunny paw prints or our Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable. Add in some of these great ideas:

Easter Bunny Baskets - We Might be Tiny

Wooden Figurines - The Toy Chest

Easter Tokens - Mad Hatter Designs

Lip Balm - In B-tween Skin Care

Bunny Bags - Favor Lane Party


  Non chocolate Easter gift ideas - to do - image of play dough, Easter hand print, Easter potion making kit, Easter temporary tattoo

The kids always need something to do! How about these fun Easter themed activities for the lead up or during the Easter school holidays:

Playdough  - Ready Set Dough

My first Easter Board - The Custom Collection

Easter Egg Hunt Potion Kit - The Little Potion Co.

Easter Temporary Tattoo - Holananu 


Non Chocolate Easter Kids Gift ideas - to play - photos of a tic tac toe easter bilby board, felt bunny, bunny shaped bubble wand, wooden egg and spoon game

Easter games and activities make great gift ideas, and can be used long after Easter is over too.

Easter Bilby Tic Tac Toe Game - Bandicute

Felt Bunny - Sunlit Folk

Bunny Bubble Wand - Baby Vegas

Egg and Spoon Game - Lucas Loves Cars

no chocolate easter egg hunt gift idea - to wear. Photos of a easter bunny necklace, easter hair bow, easter scrunchie, easter bilby t-shirt

 Look the part with these cute Easter outfit ideas:

Easter Bunny Locket - Zoe River Elegance

Easter Bunny Hair Bow - Meow Mamas Bowtique

Easter Scrunchies - Top Knot Girl

Easter Bilby T-Shirt - Kippley


 No Chocolate easter gifts for toddlers - to make. Photos of wooden easter egg to paint, sunglasses to decorate, easter colouring page, easter craft kit for kids

Add some craft to your Easter gift basket with;

Paint Your Own Easter Egg - Humble Gift Co.

Bedazzle Sunglass Kit - Confetti Rebels

Easter Box - Inspire Book Box 

Easter Colouring Set - The Custom Collection


no chocolate easter ideas for kids - to gift - photos of bunny bath bombs, easter wooden gift box, easter gift tag, easter bunny bag, easter bunny bookmark

Add something special to your Easter gifting with these name tags and boxes. Packs of bunny bookmarks make great easy gifts for school friends or larger groups of kids too.

Bunny Bath Bomb/Shower  - Allure Natural

Personalised Easter Box - The Wooden Box Factory

Wooden Easter Name Tag - Barley Boy

Personalised Easter Bunny Bag - Wild Pine Laser

Easter Name Tags  - Create by Layered

Easter Bookmarks - My Paper Planet

Some more general ideas for items you may like to include in your non-chocolate Easter hunt could be :

  • Stickers/Stamps
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Finger puppets
  • Playdough /Slime
  • Matchbox cars/Diggers
  • Felt/Pretend Food
  • Hair accessories; bunny ears, clips, hairbands or scrunchies
  • Small books or notebooks
  • Bubble wands or mini-bottles of bubbles
  • Glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark toys
  • Little wind up toys
  • Animals or dinosaur figures/keychains
  • Socks with cute patterns
  • Packs of crayons or fun pens/pencils
  • Small bath toys
  • Woven bracelet or necklace
  • Activity books/colouring in pages
  • Mini torch
  • Fidget toys
  • Themed Foil balloon

I hope we have given you some fun ideas to make a non-chocolate Easter hunt just as fun and exciting as a traditional chocolate one. By including items that support small Australian businesses, you can make this year's Easter egg hunt even more meaningful too. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy this special time with your loved ones.

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