How to make a Lockdown Birthday FUN

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Arrange a drive by with some friends/relatives that live in the area at a certain time on the day.

Get them to drive past your house with some balloons, streamers,  happy birthday banners etc. and sing/yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY out the window. 

There is something particularly magical about balloons especially to children. Support your local party store and arrange a delivery of a giant number, letter or your child's favourite character balloon on the day.

Poppies for Grace have a clever idea with their balloon friends which allow you to have a balloon guests or send a box of them to someone as a gift. Take a look here 

Organise a video message to be sent to your child from their favourite princess/superhero or character. There are lots of companies doing this, that traditionally did 'hire a character' for parties. A few I have come across offering this and other virtual parties are; 
Birthday Fairy
Supa Dupa Kids Parties 
Pistachio Entertainment

Grab the teddies/dolls/toys  and head into the backyard/playroom for a picnic. Dress them up in party hats and use pretend play food for the toys so everyone can get into the party zone.

So the teddies and dollies don't miss out I have just added these matching crowns to my store. 

Put together a playlist of some favourite tunes, get dressed and ready to dance! You can do this has a household or organise the same playlist with some friends and tune in together via zoom. There are also some companies such as Bob Til you Drop organising virtual dance parties too.

Make your child the guest at a home restaurant. 
Set the table, write a menu and dress up as a waiter. Let them ring the door bell and be invited in to take a seat just like going out! They can order their favourite dish (which you can order in, and serve  to save on the cooking time), a drink and some treats too.

Set up a treasure hunt in your back yard or house, or take it further afield and arrange with some friends who live nearby to hide some treasure in a nearby park/bushland for your child to find. We have been doing this a lot during isolation as a fun activity for the kids.  We have been using an old spice jar with a note or joke inside, which the kids hide in the bush tracks behind our house. We then find the location on google maps and send the pin location to a friend for them to find the treasure!

While baking isn't everyone's cup of tea - Bake Believe have gorgeous cake kits in loads of themes, which are so easy to use.  They come with everything you need (including the pan!) to make baking with the kids less stressful and fun.

Hold a virtual party through zoom. 
Set the table up for a party with themed plates, cups and decorations to add a special touch. There are a number of party companies doing party at home kits which make this super easy too. You could drop supplies such as tableware, decorations and some party food, to some of your child's friends so they can login to zoom and feel like they are having the same experience.

Make it into a virtual movie experience by arranging to watch the same movie at the same time too.

Other virtual party games that work well over zoom include;

  • Charades
  • Celebrity head
  • Trivia
  • Pictionary
Take a look here to see some others 

Setup a cupcake or cookie decorating by buying some kits (Cookiemiacookie have some cookie ones) or organise yourself by getting some cupcakes, icing and sprikles/lollies so the kids can put it all together.  You can do this as a household or drop the kits to friends houses ahead of time, and they can use zoom to do it at the same time and see each others creation on the day.