The Ultimate List of First Birthday Theme Ideas

40 First Birthday Theme Ideas For An Unforgettable Celebration

Looking for a first birthday party theme? But not sure where to even start? Take a look through this list of 40 on trend theme ideas to help you plan your baby’s 1st birthday in style.

It’s such an exciting time, your little baby is turning the big ONE and you want to celebrate their first birthday (and surviving the first year of parenting) in style!! But how do you choose a first birthday theme?

Start with your child’s interests, is there a particular item they love or shows an interest in? A favourite toy, an animal,  or tv show? You could incorporate this as part of their 1st birthday theme. If they don’t have one thing they particularly love, you could take the opportunity to choose something YOU love. This maybe the only birthday for a few years that you will be able to freely choose the theme (without them being able to dig their heels in!) so you can choose a first birthday theme that is something age appropriate you love.

Otherwise you can also use a set colour pallet instead of using a set birthday party theme. Choose some complimentary colours such as; rose gold, shades of blue, pink and gold, pastel, or bright.

Lets take a look at some first birthday theme ideas for some more inspiration for you;


Sweet One (Lollies/Icecream) – All things sweet; lollies, icecream, chocolate bars, lollypops, doughnuts, cupcakes. Use pastel or bright  colours to make it all the sweetness pop!

Winter One-derland – Let in snow in all things wintery and cold; snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, snow. Use silver and white with a pop or blue or pink.

Bee One/Happy Bee-day – Such a cute theme in all things yellow and black and buzzy bees

One in a Melon – A fun play on words for one in a million. Great for a summer birthday with lots of watermelon details and pink and green colours.

Some Bunny is One – All things bunny, keep it cute with baby rabbits or use more of a Peter Rabbit look in blues and grey.

Wild One – Wild animals from a jungle/safari; lion, tiger, monkey, zebra, giraffe, elephant etc. with lots of leavy green/vines and pops of gold.

Mother holding a 1 year old for a wild one/ jungle themed first birthday party


 First Lap/Trip Around the Sun  - Incorporate space elements; rocket, planets, moon, sun etc. in this fun theme.

The Big One (waves/surf/fishing) – This theme can be used as surf/ocean theme with waves, beach, surfboards and lots of blues and white. Or a fishing theme in bright colours with fishing rods, lures and of course fish!

Berry First Birthday – Another great summertime theme. All things strawberries (or any other berry fruit) using pinks and white.

Bear-y First Birthday – All things bears and teddies in brown, tan and white

Fair-y First Birthday - All things magical fairy's

Mr One-derful – bow ties and top hats with a black and gold colour pallette

Hole in One (golf) – A theme with golfing elements in green, blue and whites

One In The Sun/You Are My Sunshine –sun details or sunflowers and all things bright and yellow.

Racing to One – A fun take on a racing car theme, featuring colours such as red, grey and black

Notorious One – Based on American rapper Notorious B.I.G/Biggie Smalls - Rap it out with chain balloons, gold crowns and all things black, gold, and white

One-der The Sea – A fun play on words for an under the sea theme

Fairest One Of All – All things princesses


first birthday tea party


Oh The Places You’ll Go – Dr Seuss – Bright colourful;  hot air balloons, clouds, and anything from your imagination

Very Hungry Caterpillar

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

Where the Wild Things Are

Alice in One-derland

Peter Rabbit

Baby Shark



Cookie Monster /Elmo / Sesame Street

First Birthday Paw-ty (Paw Patrol)

boho first birthday party


Boho Rainbow

My Little Monster

Go Wild

Baby Animals

Time Flies (Planes)



Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Up, Up and Away (Hot Air Balloon)

Do-nut Grow Up

Sprinkled with Love (100s and 1000s)

Teddy Bear Picnic

Little Prince

Born to Bloom (Flowers)

A 1 year old girl eats cake dressed in a white birthday crown and paper flowers surround the background

Whether you are planning a big birthday celebrate or a smaller family event, we hope this ultimate list of first birthday ideas has given you some inspiration. 

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