5 Preschool Activities to Play - With Our Scavenger Hunt Printable

Did you know you can use our scavenger hunt printable for some preschool play activities after the party is over??


These are great for keeping the kids amused on those rainy or hot days inside, or "those days" when you just need some activity ideas to keep your toddler entertained!

So,  we have put together five preschool play activities for you to try with our scavenger hunt printable game. If you don't already have the printable you can take a look at the theme options HERE.


First up, you can create a matching game to play from the scavenger hunt printable ;

  • Start by cutting each item card in half.

  • Then mix them all around on the table, keeping them face up.

  • Try to match the items back together.

  • Or make some funny mix and matched items.


Another great activity is small world play. This is a type of imaginative play where children can use small toys and other items to create a world or story. A few ways you can incorporate the scavenger hunt printable item cards into small world play;

  • Firstly tape each item card to a stick for imaginative play, to make a wand, or put on a stick puppet style show.
  • Then use each item card with a circle of playdoh on the base to make each card stand up for small world play, include any other small toy animals, or items you might already have to make a scene.


  • Start by turning 2 sets of item cards from one of our scavenger hunt printable games face down on the table.
  • Then mix them all around.
  • Next, each player takes turns to turn over 2 item cards at a time.
  • If they make a pair/match they keep the item cards and have another turn.
  • If no match is made, it is the next players turn to try and make a pair
  • The player with the most pairs wins
  • Use more sets to make it harder or if you have more than 2 players.


Use each item card from the scavenger hunt printable as a story prompt to make up a story.

  • Start by cutting out each item card and putting them in a pile or line them up along the table.
  • Then, each player takes turns to take a card and incorporate that item into a story.
  • If you prefer you can write the story down for the kids as you go, or tell it aloud.
  • To continue the game the next player takes a card and follows on with the story.
  • You can also mix it up and draw a comic or paint/draw a scene including all of the items. 


Lastly you can create a classic game of bingo with the scavenger hunt printable;

  • Place 3 or 4 sets of item cards face down on the table (for 2 players).
  • Each player turns over 1 card at a time and matches with the items on the checklist sheet.
  • The first player with a full set wins.

From memory to small world play, there are so many different play activities to try with your scavenger hunt printable party game to continue the fun long after the guests have gone home.

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