A fun low mess activity to spark your kids imagination away from screens.

Do your kids love craft but you avoid it because you spend more time cleaning up than they do crafting?

You find all the ideas on Pinterest but then don't have the supplies to create them?

You need an easy screen free activity that brings out your child's imagination?

Little Boy decorating a crown for the Little Crown Club craft kit
Animal sticker crown craft kit for kids
The Little Crown Club is a monthly craft kit delivered to your door each month

So you don't have to go to the store for supplies, or think up the activity, or clean up glue, paint or glitter!

What do you get?

- A reusable felt crown in you first pack only. You can use this over and over again with each new kit.

- A set of paper crowns to colour and decorate.

- A custom designed sticker pack to make at least 4 creature/creations.

- An instruction pack, and ideas to help keep their imaginations going after the craft is complete.

- A different theme each month.

- FREE standard post within Australia

- Cancel at any time.

What our subscribers are saying


My son was so excited to get his kit in the mail he ripped open the pack!


Our first Crown Club package was a huge hit! My eldest boy spent hours re-arranging the wide variety of sticker, maker new, unique and funky animals each time. There were so many combinations for him to experiment with.


My daughter loves The Little Crown Club deliveries. Not only does she love creating the crowns, but she also enjoys the extended play that these kits create.


Bella had so much fun creating her safari kit - and then using them in her play. Can't wait to see what the next theme is!


The girls were entertained for a few hours, creating and personalising their crowns.Then off they went to play with them. I got dinner sorted without having to sort any conflict. Winning!


Sparking imagination away from screens

A new theme each month

An Easy gift idea this Christmas


The packs are designed for approx 3 to 8 years old

The kits come with 4 blank paper crowns to decorate, and 4 colouring in crowns.

There are enough stickers to make at least 4 animals/creations

Yes! We make the kits unisex so they can be used for boys or girls.